Over many years Nazy and Bonn have designed dreadlocks,  and during this time  realised the need for a dread product that worked, and was :

100% Australian made, 

100% Vegan,

100% Natural ingredients,  

100% recycled packaging …

and ...     made with love…

Nazy and Bonn - Weirdsistas Directors 

Nazy and Bonn - Weirdsistas Directors 


This has been a challenge over the years and has certainly been an amazing journey.  After many years of research and development, we are now proud to introduce … Lock Stock & Apparel…

Over the years Dreadlocks and the way in which we achieve dreaded hair has changed. There are many methods and processes and we have many different ideas of how we believe dreads should look and what is the best process.  Lock Stock  is used exclusively by  the Sista system a process designed and tested by the well known dread lockticians, The Weirdsistas.   This unique and  exclusive method,  uses a  two part process, that incorporates  some of the most delicious and positively celebrated dread products, in the world.  

We now want you to be able to use this amazing range, and also experience the same remarkable results you see on the weirdsistas dread pages.  We believe that dreads are possible for everyone, not just a few and our unique process enables all people from all walks of life to celebrate and experience fantastic dreadlocks.  In encouraging a natural approach,  Lock Stock created a method,  made possible, by understanding the way in which hair responds, to different PH environments.  Our products are designed to work without the use of perm solutions, chemicals, waxes or backcombing, and instead, slightly change the alkaline levels associated with the PH in shampoos and hair products. Traditionally, we have been bombarded with shampoos that are developed to smooth down the follicle making it less likely to tangle and give the appearance of silky smooth hair. This is achieved by including  silicones  and chemicals into the products, that help to straighten and smooth the follicle, making dreading, very difficult.     Instead  LSA products, will help remove silicon. The locking sprays,  will swell the hooks in the outer layer of the follicle, allowing for a more porous and course follicle... beginning the journey to dreadlocks  naturally.

 natural-dread-product   sista system  (c) 2008


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